2024 Bathroom remodel ideas

1. Floor drain location should be selected
The location of the floor drain needs to be carefully considered, preferably located on the side of the floor tiles; setting the location of the floor drain can avoid the problem of stagnant water.

It is best to choose an anti-odor floor drain; it is recommended that we do not buy cheap miscellaneous brands, counterproductive effects, or buy a big brand of floor drain, just a few dozen things, not at all expensive.

2. Hardware products to choose a good floor drain, angle valve, faucet, and shower. This hardware can not be cheap; buy a good quality brand; not more than a few dollars. The number of common corner valves a kitchen and a bathroom, 3 hot and 4 cold is enough, a kitchen and two baths with 10.

3. Socket installation to plan a good bathroom a lot of times will also use some electrical appliances, such as hair dryers, smart toilets, electric water heaters, etc., so in the renovation of the time must be more than one socket reserved, while the location of the socket must be well planned, can not be blocked by other things but also do a good job of waterproofing measures.

To avoid the following situation, socket installation was found not to be used, and it was not only ugly and wasteful.

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