What is the principle of a dehumidifier (dehumidifier)?

What is the principle of a dehumidifier (dehumidifier)?
Dehumidifiers have a regulating function that can control the humidity within a comfortable range for the human body. When the humidity exceeds 60%, it is easy to harbor bacteria and can reduce the humidity to a range of 45-55% for human comfort.
🔻 What parameters should I focus on when choosing a dehumidifier?
Dehumidifier selection should focus on dehumidification capacity, tank capacity, purification method and filter. Among them, the dehumidifying capacity is the most important parameter, reflecting the dehumidifying speed, which is generally divided into daily dehumidifying capacity and nominal dehumidifying capacity. It is recommended to pay attention to the nominal dehumidification, because it meets the national testing standards, dehumidification test environment closer to the real use of the environment. Water tank capacity is recommended to choose 5-6 liters, easy to clean and avoid frequent pouring. Purification method is preferred to negative ions, which can reduce harmful gases and create an indoor oxygen bar. As for the filter, it is recommended to choose the composite HEPA filter, which can effectively filter impurities and formaldehyde.
🔻 What are the precautions when using a dehumidifier?
The use of dehumidifiers should be placed in the center, not against the wall, to ensure the effect of dehumidification. Also, windows and doors should be closed when using it to improve dehumidification efficiency. If it is used in an improper way, it may result in a lack of dehumidifying effect.
🔻 What are the popular dehumidifier brands?
Popular dehumidifier brands include Oui, Deye, Bipu, Midea, Panasonic and Staedtler.
✔️ Among them, Oui and Deye are less expensive and have smaller dehumidifying capacity, which is suitable for small homes
✔️ Bipu and Midea dehumidification capacity and cost-effective, full-featured, suitable for whole-house multi-space use;
✔️ Panasonic and Staedtler have good quality and moderate dehumidification capacity, but the price is high

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